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Tips For Successful Shower Remodel Projects

Are you tired of cleaning mildew out of the ceramic and porcelain tile in your shower bathroom? Do you need to replace your bathtub/shower combination with a slick new walk in shower? If you answered yes to both of these questions, maybe it’s time for a shower remodel.

But you shouldn’t take just any shower remodel company for the job! Instead, you should choose a company that is experienced in the bathroom remodeling and the type of tile they’re using. The last thing you want is to have a shower remodel turn into a disaster. You want your bathroom remodel to look good, but you don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg. So before you start any major construction projects, you should first get a price quote on your bathroom. Check out www.washingtonbathroomremodeling.com/shower-remodel-spokane-wa/
to know about their price quotation.

Most people are surprised when I tell them how much older my house is versus how new it is. Well, that’s because I was recently assigned to do a complete Spokane bath remodel and I had to bring in a professional. It wasn’t that the house was old; it was that it needed a lot of work. The previous owner didn’t really bother with routine maintenance like cleaning grout and sealing tile, so this wasn’t a big surprise. What surprised me was how much the home cost me–$700 to tear down the old bathroom, buy a new shower, new toilet, bathtub, vanity, and new cabinets.

Although some people would say that you can knock down a wall and build a brand new master bathroom, that’s not how most Spokane houses are built. Usually there’s a lot of that doesn’t get used as often as the front or living areas. If you have the money and are looking for an easy way to renovate your home without spending a lot of money, consider a simple and inexpensive shower remodel. You can always hire a contractor if you want, but there’s a lot of power in a couple of gallon Jacuzzi tubs. The secret is to make sure they’re installed properly and with the correct line so that you won’t be wasting water and electric.

Before you get started, I recommend that you go to a free consultation with several different spakransit service providers to determine the best shower remodeling option for your home. My best recommendation is to contact a local tub and shower remodeler for a free consultation. Even if you have some experience with home renovations, it’s a good idea to have a professional check your plumbing lines to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If you’ve already purchased your new tubs and you know you want to install them in your existing shower, the only other thing you need to do is talk to your remodeling contractor about getting the line installed. They can show you exactly what you need to do, and they can tell you what kind of labor will cost you.

My next advice for those thinking about sprucing up their bathrooms is to make sure you have good customer service when you hire a contractor. In addition to the free consultation, most companies will offer free bids on the work once they’ve checked them out. Make sure you go with the company with the most affordable bid, but don’t choose based solely on price. Ask questions, listen to their customer service suggestions, and then choose one that you think is best.