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Understanding and Overcoming Trauma Recovery Counseling

Trauma recovery can be a long and complicated process. The trauma may have occurred in your body, but it can also have had an impact on your mind and spirit. This can be extremely harmful to the healing process because one’s emotional well-being is often impacted by the trauma that they are experiencing. Your goal in Tampa, FL is to find a trauma recovery program which will work with you in finding the healing that you need.



As someone who has experienced a traumatic event in your life, you know first hand how terrifying it can be. In order for trauma recovery counseling to work, the professionals must be able to recognize the symptoms that you may experience such as shaking, nausea, lack of appetite, and dizziness. These symptoms are common in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are very obvious when they occur. There are also some physical symptoms associated with a traumatic event like shortness of breath, stomach issues, and headaches. However, the most important part of PTSD counseling is learning cognitive behavioral therapy and working on ways to change your thoughts and the way you respond to stressful situations.


The reason that Tampa Florida trauma recovery counseling is so important is because it allows you to become re-engaged with your world and your body. Trauma recovery therapy will allow you to think clearly again about the traumatic event and what may have led up to it. You may find that you are afraid of open communication or expressing your thoughts. You may find that you have trouble trusting others or you find that you tend to be self critical. These are all signs that you may benefit from a mental health professional. Click here for more details.


Because of all the emotions that you are experiencing, you need experienced and skilled professionals to help you work through them. There is nothing wrong with going to a family therapist or even an adulterer/counselor. There are many good grief therapists out there and you need not be scared of asking for assistance. The important thing is that you find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. The types of mental health professionals who provide trauma recovery counseling are licensed, board certified, and often have years of experience helping people deal with emotional issues that occur after a traumatic event.


Some mental health professionals provide support through addiction treatment programs. In some cases, trauma counseling and addiction recovery follow the same steps, but depending on the severity of your loved one’s addiction and the complexity of his or her addiction situation, it may take additional time to get to the point where you and your loved one are at full strength. In other cases, you will only need ongoing support after you have started your addiction treatment and are seeing visible results. Regardless, getting help for your loved one from a licensed addiction counselor and/or addiction therapist will give him or her the support and tools he or she needs in order to manage and fight off his or her trauma-related symptoms.


Trauma recovery counseling and treatment starts with figuring out what caused the traumatic event. This will allow you to discover how to avoid repeating your own mistakes and feel better about the memory or events of your past. The more you understand your painful memories, the easier it will be to move on and learn from your experiences. After you’ve figured out what triggered your traumatic event, you can decide how to best manage your symptoms. For example, if you want to manage pain and symptoms by exercising, you may choose to attend a fitness-focused counseling session. If you want to figure out what triggered your memory of abuse, a professional counselor can help you sort through that as well.