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Dentist – Getting The Right Care

A Sarasota Dentist can help you with a range of dental services. These range from general dentistry to teeth whitening and dental implants. Getting the right care can make your smile look and feel great. Choosing the right dentist can help you to achieve your best smile and avoid future problems. The spring is a […]

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General Dentistry – Providing Excellent Dental Care

The Academy of General Dentistry is a professional association of general dentists. Members of the association include dentists from the United States and Canada. Members are trained to provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages. In addition, members of the organization are highly trained in preventive dental care. The profession has seen several changes […]

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Understanding and Overcoming Trauma Recovery Counseling

Trauma recovery can be a long and complicated process. The trauma may have occurred in your body, but it can also have had an impact on your mind and spirit. This can be extremely harmful to the healing process because one’s emotional well-being is often impacted by the trauma that they are experiencing. Your goal […]